Monday, March 23, 2009

Wow, I needed that!

Spring break has come and gone, but it was a much needed rest for my body and mind. Spending time with my children and not thinking about work and responsibilities was just the thing I needed to clear my head.

I had written my complete manuscript and had two great ideas that weren't meshing well. I have decided to split the ideas and rewrite, (well, actually begin writing) two novels. I am going to write one as a YA novel and one as a middle grade novel. I haven begun both and am switching back and forth between the two. Probably not a good idea, but I needed a break from my YA novel. I have a couple of chapters of it finished, but my ideas and interest are fading, so I'm working on my middle grade book. Hopefully I can finish that one and can take a new, fresh look at the YA book.

Hopefully I will have a lot of progress to post next time!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

From Tragedy Comes Inspiration

So much tragedy in so little time......

My cousin went into labor early, delivering her baby at 23 weeks. As a special education teacher, I know well how a lack of neurological development can affect a child. Little Sarah Jordan is 17 days old and has already undergone heart surgery and a spinal tap. Weighing in at 1 lb 11 oz, she is such a tiny little thing, but she seems to be a fighter!

Last week my sixteen year old cousin was the victim of a freak accident. First declared as a suicide, now the coroner is leaning more toward accident. He had gotten in trouble at school that day and was told to go home and clean his room. His father heard a gun go off and went in to check, finding Lynn laying on his bed. Because of the location of the entrance wound, the position of the body, and the questioning of friends, family, and faculty at his school, it seems that young Lynn simply lost respect for the guns he had been around all his life. His cleaning kit lay on the bed, as he was taught to never put his gun away dirty. He had been hunting with friends a few days before. The gun went off, shooting this child through the bottom, side of his chin and exiting the top of his head. So tragic, so shocking, so without reason. So many kids mourning, trying desperately to understand.

This morning my best friend's house burned down. Stacy was subbing at the local school where her two sons, one in first grade and one in second grade, attend. Her younger daughter was at the babysitter's house. Thankfully, no one was home. Stacy's husband, Jay, works for the city and heard the news that his house was on fire. This was the house that he grew up in. They had recently purchased it from his parents, who had retired elsewhere. He had to help fight the fire in his own home. They lost everything, but thankfully had insurance.

So much tragedy. So many prayers needed. So much to understand and reason. The Good Lord will take care of us though. I got a fortune cookie the other day that said, "Success and Happiness Are in Your Destiny."

I am going to look on the bright side, keep reaching for my goals, hope that everything turns out alright in the end. I can't give up. We can't give up. Maybe I can use some of this as inspiration. My characters are young adults, teenagers who will go through tough times. Maybe I can use these tragedies to help a reader cope with whatever is going on in their lives. Maybe......