Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Year, New Ideas

Well, we're back in school and I'm hoping to get more focused on my writing. I slacked a lot during the summer, but just couldn't seem to find the motivation. Had another death in the family over the summer, and I think that took its tole on me.

I do have an idea brewing for what I think will be an awesome middle grade novel. My 10 year old son inspired me for this one. I just need to get going on the actual writing of the story. It took me five months to write my 65,000 word YA novel and since this one will be shorter, hopefully once I get going I'll be on a roll and can get finished quickly. Of course then I will begin the hard part: revising and editing. I may be able to use the work that I need to do on my own book to help my students with their revising and editing. Some of them have to take a TAKS Test (Texas Standardized Test) in writing this year and will have to write an essay and revise and edit it.

Updates to come......