Friday, February 19, 2010

I turned 4001

Today's my birthday. The kids at the middle school I teach at seem to think I'm a leprechaun. It all started because they make fun of me for being short. I'm only 5 ft tall. I've been called a munchkin and oompa-loompa too, but this leprechaun thing has really stuck.

I told them that they couldn't have my pot of gold. The 8th grade boys went so far as to bring me some Lucky Charms cereal and then steal some of it, so I could say they "stole me Lucky Charms!" They even come give me high-five before a basketball game so they can have some of my luck!

Apparently they think leprechauns are really old too, because they've decided that I turned 4001 today. I'm actually 34, but maybe I need to check into some kind of wrinkle remover if I look that old!

Thing is, I am so short, that I can blend right in with the 6th graders - sad I know, but I figure if all they have to make fun of me over is being short, then I'm doing good. Middle school age kids can be mean and they LOVE to make fun of people!

So today I celebrate my 4001st birthday, maybe they'll listen to the wisdom I've learned throughout all my years. Nah, they already know everything!

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