Friday, March 5, 2010

What Research Can Show You

My first completed novel (which I decided wasn't good enough, though I may go back to it later) was set in a location that I didn't know much about, so I decided I'd have to fix that problem with my next WIP.

So.... I started to doing some research on the surrounding area. Googled, went to Amazon looking for books, etc. I finally came across a book, written by the nephew of a man who had been born and grew up in this area of Texas. His uncle had told him stories, and he had recorded them. Then he sat down and wrote the book. Seems simple enough....

I want to do a paranormal YA, but I want to put some historical aspects in there too. I was so exited to read some of the tales from the late 1800s and early 1900s. This tiny town used to be a booming area with the railroad and mineral wells. The water was bottled and sold, supposedly because of its ability to heal. There was a military academy here in the l890s, yeah, that one gave me some ideas, and the post-master committed suicide when the auditor showed up unexpectedly. Apparently, he'd been embezzling money. Hmmm......There were stories from before the town was even a town.

I'm going to write more about what I know this time. In fact, I've been carrying around my trusty journal, jotting down ideas, and I've got so many scenes in my head that I know will fit in there somewhere.

Off to write......